Frequent ask questions

1. How do I return my item? Is it free and easy?
Answer: Yes, return is free. Customer can return unused item with good shape packaging within 30 days of the order for a full refund. Just email with your order # and customer ID. We will send you the shipping label. Once return item is shipped, you will get refund in your card within 3-5 business days.

2. How many days do I receive my order?
Answer: All of the orders will be shipped by FedEx ground or sometimes by UPS ground. You will get it within 3 to 7 days in normal after we ship out your order ( It could take longer due to the pandemic)

3. Are all items shipped  from one location?
Answer: Yes. Everything in this website is shipped from our Arizona warehouse.

4. When checking out. The shopping cart tax box shows 0.  Is it system wrong?
Answer: The tax box shows 0 which means in your specific state, we are not eligible to pay sales tax with the scale of business that we are doing so far.  feel free to process!

5. Are washing and caring easy for these bedding sets?
Answer: Yes. They are all machine washable. We send a care instruction and suggestion slip along with your order package. You can always email us or call us if you have any question.

6. Where can I find sheet set that is corresponding to the comforter set or duvet cover set?
Answer: We are not making a lot of the sheet set so far, you won’t find it in our website here, but yes we suggest to look for plain matching color sheet set or just white plain sheet set to go with, which, you are able to order them easily from other platforms. In the coming 2 quarters, we are going to add more sheet set items accordingly.