Frequent Asked Questions

I have never washed such a fluffy comforter before, what should I pay attention to?

Follow wash label sewn on comforter . Do not use strong detergent. Be sure to melt/mix detergent into water( avoid to pour on top of the comforter).During air fluff drying, flip over and shake it even a couple times is recommended. It is proven that air fluff (no heat) dry works really well for delicate down alternative comforter. If comforter is too large to fit in your wash machine ,please choose dry laundry before disaster happens :) If comforter can't fit in your dryer. Line flat or hang flat dry is recommended. Note: we do not recommend low tumble dry, most customers will end up burning it or ripping it. Softener is not recommended since it is 100% cotton. The more uses the softer it gets. For 1st time wash, no detergent is needed necessary. Organic wool dryer balls is recommended if you want the extra soft feel:)

Would my queen size duvet fit in your Queen/Full Duvet cover?

Yes. our Queen/Full duvet cover is typical 90"*90" and most of the queen size comforter/duvet insert is 96"*90" , which will be perfectly and firmly fitted into our queen/full duvet cover without the insert moving around!

Are there any extra sham or pillow case matching to the set that we can purchase?

Unfortunately, there are no extra pillow shams matching to the set that are purchasable here at this moment. However, we give free shams if there were extra. We ,sometimes, might have extra shams that are made from the extra fabric of the same set. We can ship them for you for free if they do. Feel free to ask : ) Leave a message or email us. 

How do I return my item? Is it free and easy?

Yes, return is free for shoppers on our website. Customer can return unused item with good shape of packaging within 30 days  for a full refund. Just email to [email protected] or leave a message in the question box with your order # and customer ID. We will send you the shipping label. Once return item is shipped, you will get refund in your card within 3-5 business days.  if you purchase our items from other partner stores, please refer to their return regulations respectively.

I am from Canada. Can I make purchase here?

Yes. We started to accept orders on our site for Canada customers since 2023. Feel free to shop!

How many days will I receive my order?

All of the orders purchased here will be shipped by FedEx ground or sometimes by UPS ground. You will get it within 3 to 7 days in normal after we ship out your order .

Are all items shipped from one location?

Yes. Everything in this website is shipped from our Arizona warehouse. 

When checking out. The shopping cart tax box shows 0. Is it system wrong?

The tax box shows 0 which means in your specific state, we are not eligible to pay sales tax with the scale of business that we are doing so far. feel free to process!

Where else can I buy your bedding set?

You can find our items on, and Canadian customer feel free to purchase from our site or may find some items on or If you would like to purchase from Wayfair, please leave us a message in the question box, we would gladly send you the product link. If you would like to purchase from amazon or, click on Shop via partner stores.

Where can I find sheet set that is corresponding to the comforter set or duvet cover set?

We are not making a lot of the sheet set so far, which you won’t find a lot here, but yes we suggest to look for plain matching color/even contrast color sheet set or just white plain sheet set to go with, which, you are able to order them easily from other platforms. ( be creative :) that is part of decorating fun!! ). In the coming 2 quarters, we are going to add more sheet set items accordingly.

May I know why do you state that your brand features only on NATURAL FABRIC, what do you mean here by natural?

It means the type of raw material. pure cotton's yarn is made with naturally grow cotton ( the herb), there is no any artificial ingredients or elements. microfiber/polyester is not considered as natural, their yarn are made with man-made fibers. Neither cotton blend is considered as natural, it mixes cotton and polyester together. The cost of making 100 % cotton fabric is 4 to 5 times than making microfiber. But, we insist that we only make natural fabric bedding for our thousands of toddler/teen sleepers. they deserve breathable bedlinens for their sensitive skins!